Baking With Kids (and what I’ve learned.)

October 30, 2019

One of my aspirations for this year was to be more present with my children. Last year was stressful, the days felt blurry, wondering if we’d move or stay. I looked back at the year and felt like it just went so quickly. When I entered January, with the move behind me and feeling more relaxed I began to think about what areas of my life needed improvement. I definitely felt my kids deserved more of my attention. I had to tell them to just wait a minute more times than I meant to last year. So, I made a prairie list of activities for us. We spent some time sewing over spring break, reading all the Little House books we could get from the library, and one day the boys suggested we bake something.

And so we became three people who bake all the time. We have started getting cookbooks from the library, the boys enjoying choosing what we will make. (and I enjoy the taste testing component.)

I have to say one of the biggest thing I’ve learned since they started working together so frequently in the kitchen is how easy kids are to please. They genuinely just want our time and attention (and to make a mess…)
I’ve spent so much time trying to do it all, that I’d forgotten they just want to hang out with me.

I’ve found the kitchen to be a great place to teach random lessons, like measuring, team work, and how to clean better. They’ve even delivered their baked goods to neighbors.

The kitchen is a great place for mistakes, and realizing we all make them. The kitchen is a great place to discover new flavors or recreate nostalgic ones. (the kitchen is also a great place to start with a boxed cake.)

They’ll soon be older, and who knows if they’ll enjoy baking alongside their mama?

So, for today, I’ll help them make their lists.. I’ll teach them how to wash the dishes correctly, and cross my fingers they never get too big or cool to bake with their mama.

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