Back To School Checklist

July 30, 2021

I fully realize that many of you may not be ready to even think about back to school, but alas, here we are. For us, it has been a really sad week. We sad goodbye to our foster daughter exactly a week ago, so I’ve busied myself the last seven days by cleaning my house from top to bottom, having the kids try on every item of clothing they own, and labeling school supplies. It’s hard for me to fathom that I have been an elementary school mom for four years now. My oldest is heading into third grade! Like how, though? I will say, this is one of my favorite seasons as a mama. I love these years, watching them learn to read, packing lunches, and coming together for after school snack and homework in the afternoons. There have been ebbs and flows to finding our routine, like I can tell you for certain that one of my children was incredible difficult after school until I found a routine that worked for us. So, I’m going to share a few suggestions on how to start your year strong so that it’s peaceful and fun. Here are some of my tricks and tips I have learned along the way!

1) Have your kids try on their clothes and shoes and make a list of what you actually need. Remember kids grow quickly, so don’t get crazy. Have a budget and stick to it.

2) Use a delivery service for school supplies, we used Shipt. It was so nice, I followed their class lists and ordered while I fed a baby in my favorite chair.

3) Decide early if you’ll be doing first day gifts for the teachers. This is something I always do, I have a lot of respect for my kids’ teachers so spoiling them is important to me. I don’t do anything super expensive or lavish, but just something that says I see and value you the role you’re playing in these children’s lives. By shopping early, I find you can save money. So, I try to keep an eye out all summer long. I get every teacher the same thing for simplicity sake!

4) Schedule haircuts. Getting haircuts this time of year is nutso, but places will usually have back to school promotions or even offering free haircuts at some places. Schedule early.

5) Think about your back to school photo, and plan ahead so that runs smooth. TBH– I actually do my first day of school photo the day before schools. Kids get in their unis and I give them whatever sign I’m working on. This year I’m doing a balloon garland I grabbed on Amazon for 10.00. There’s lot of free printables online, so go ahead and print one out and be ready.

6) Add back to school books to your library holds list and read a few before school starts, especially if you have younger kids.

7) Plan for a special back to school dinner the night before. I saw this on Instagram last summer and we did it last year and will absolutely be making this a long term tradition in our house. We sat the table all cute and fancy and prayed over the year with our favorite meal (pretty sure I did take out)

8) Go ahead and make a master list of lunches and after school snacks. This will reduce decision fatigue when you have to pack every single day. Pro tip– order snacks on Amazon! Fruit snacks and Pirate Booty for example are a great price on Amazon and it comes straight to your door (my fave!)

9) Plan for a movie and pizza night on Fridays. After a long week, pizza and movie is just the ticket.

10) Free printables are such a helpful blessing! Pinterest is always full of great printables so whatever you’re needing it for, don’t forget to check there!

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