How Fred Meyer Is Easing Our Transition To Elementary School With One Stop Back To School Shopping!

August 7, 2018

Disclosure:  This blog post is sponsored by Fred Meyer Stores.  We only work with brands we trust and adore, all opinions expressed are my own.

Can I speak candidly here for a moment?  MY BABY IS GOING TO KINDERGARTEN IN SIX WEEKS.  When he was a newborn, I remember thinking that the year he went to school full time was the year everything as a mom got “easy.”  I naively believed that by five, kids were self sufficient and that challenges would be few and far between at this age.  I will admit that we still many areas for improvement, but we also have so much fun together.  He is wise, gentle, and funny.  Kindergarten is going to be so fun for him, with his endless energy and outgoing personality.  I am so excited for this chapter in his life!  However, I certainly want to absorb these last few weeks with him, and I didn’t want to lose extra moments together going to a million stores, spending too much money, and most likely getting home to realize we forgot something.  Enter: Fred Meyer, our saving grace during this hectic season as we transition from play school parents to elementary school parents.

Armed with our school supply list in hand, we headed into the school supply central area.  The prices at Fred Meyer are unbeatable (especially when you combine with their incredible digital coupons) and their selection just can’t be beat!  I loved that they have EVERYTHING in one area, including our local schools’ lists in case you just wanted to grab your supplies while you were doing routine grocery shopping.  Our Fred Meyer even had a giant backpack display wall, which I had to basically pry Sawyer away from.  He wanted every variation of backpack available!

Since we only needed one backpack for each child, we had to distract him with some clothing shopping.  Fred Meyer carries some of the greatest brands, so it wasn’t hard to pull him away.  Things did get a little dicey when I said he could have only have one Star Wars shirt, he agonized over that for a solid five minutes.  (For those wondering, he chose a red “Luke, I Am Your Father” shirt.)  I wanted this shopping experience to be something they remembered forever, and Fred Meyer’s quality and family focused stores made that vision a reality.   I felt the experience really got Liam excited for his new responsibilities going to “big kid school.”  He was particularly thrilled to choose small size sports drinks bottles, choose a popcorn flavor for our Friday night celebration that first week, and of course, he wanted to grab his favorite Private Selection brand snacks.

As a mama, I’m looking forward to being able to place a Click List each week for lunches and dinners.  If you’re not utilizing Fred Meyer’s Click List service (which you should be, since I’ve been raving about it since they rolled it out!) do yourself a favor and go check it out.  Look, we are mothers, if we can shave a few minutes off of our chore list and gain a few more precious moments (or loud ones, or messy ones, etc.) with our kids then we HAVE to take it!  That’s exactly why I knew we would do our back to school shopping at Fred Meyer! They’ve made it easier than ever to not only check everything off you’re list, but earn gas points while you do it.  Another insider tip is their weekend only deals, I know I’ve mentioned them before but make sure you’re getting those FREE Friday items and checking your weekly flyer for Saturday savings.  (What I like to do is add the free Friday item to my app and then head to Fred Meyer on Saturday morning for the weekend sales and grab my free item then! You don’t need to redeem your free Friday coupon on Friday, simply sync and use for its expiation date)

Fred Meyer has everything our family needs for a successful school year, and it isn’t lost on us how fortunate we are to go without worry and get our son his school supplies.  Quite frankly, I didn’t have that luxury as a kid growing up in poverty.  Which is why my absolute number one reason for shopping at Fred Meyer this back to school season is their commitment to our community schools.  Your school district earns 1.00 from Fred Meyer and 1.00 from each participating brand when you shop at Fred Meyer for your clothing, supply, shoes, and housewares needs!  Even after the “Support Your Schools” program is over, customers with rewards cards can still earn rewards for your favorite non-profit organizations each time you shop!  (simply link your rewards card and use it whenever you shop at Fred Meyer.)

On a personal note, because Fred Meyer offers such great deals, my family was able to gather school supplies for vulnerable children in our community who are currently in foster care.  If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time, you know we are very passionate about foster care (and plan to become foster parents someday!)  So, to shop for not only our own children was a very special treat for us.  We took advantage of the great Fred Meyer digital coupons, reviewed a few of the lists they had in a helpful kiosk, and hoped we got a great round up of materials for these sweet kids.

When we left there, only an hour later, we felt so accomplished and proud.  We are entering into another sweet, messy season.  We feel equipped and ready after a one stop shop to Fred Meyer!  This year, can we just commit to the easy route?  Going into one store, we love and trust, getting everything we need (from underwear to snacks to pencils!) Let’s scrap the whole day affair and trade it for an intimate one hour as a family, readying our hearts for the new chapter ahead of us.


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    1. That looks like the best grocery store ever- I’m all about the one stop shop! Great tip about the Friday download too. And I’ve got to try click list!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Growing up, we did most of our back sto school shopping at Fred Meyers. I think it’s a must for busy mamas! Now as a mother myself, I find the value in taking one stop trips and do it often. I love that they have also added in ClickList to make the experience just that much more enjoyable. Even though I can wait for my (almost 😭) one year olds to start school, I can’t wait to do the shopping at Fred Meyers with them like my mom did with my sister and I.

    1. The Support Your Schools program is great, and I love that you were able to donate supplies for kids in foster care.

    1. I love these real life photos of you doing life. It is a big transition period and I love that you’re embracing it! I gotta check our Fred Meyer

    1. I love Freddy’s!!! They have better deals, brand names items, and grocery there—that combo is dangerous! Hahaha! I love to get my athletic wear from there. Looks like I need to make a trip to Fred Meyer’s before all the cool back to school stuff are gone for Esmé.

    1. I’m going to have to check out the school supplies, thanks for the heads up on the deals! I love that I get a rebate check each quarter, I really should start buying more things other than groceries.

    1. Great post! We love Fred Meyer! My kids get most of their clothes there. Always the best prices.

    1. My little is going to kindergarten, too! Being a mom is tough enough without having to run all over the place to a million stores, so I totally agree that stopping at only one place for everything makes life SO MUCH EASIER.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Honestly, we haven’t checked Fred Meyer for back to school supplies. I will have to make it a point to stop by and check it out.

    1. Thanks for sharing all those pics.. You have explained everything and even given a detailed outline for all the necessary shopping lists needed. Awesome post! Keep sharing, Sara @

    1. I wish we had a Fred Meyer close to us!! This is so convenient to have a one stop shop for all the things you need! This would make back to school shopping a breeze!

    1. Love going to Fred Meyer for everything! Also, back to school shopping is my favorite!

    1. Thanks so much for this! I went and stocked up on all school supplies and clothes. It was an easy one-stop shop 🙂

    1. Love this! Can’t wait for both of our Liam’s to share this new chapter together! Thanks for sharing!

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