Avoiding Awkward Moments Over the Holidays!

December 1, 2017


The holiday season is the best season.  We all know that..
BUT..  I have two little boys,  I’m a realist.  I know the holiday season can also be filled with awkward moments.  My goal as a Southern hostess is to avoid those when possible.  I want my guests to feel welcome and I can do help that process by anticipating any potential situations that might arise.
Teach your kids to express gratitude for every gift.  Maybe you aren’t into your kid blatantly saying thanks, but definitely teach them not to express disappointment in a gift.  I have definitely given a few gifts and had the children make me feel bad, because they seemed to hate it.
Have soap everywhere.  The holidays can be a germy time of year, and also the worst time of year for illness.  Keep soap and hand sanitizer available.
Keep some wrapped gifts hidden in your home for unexpected guests.  We have all had those unexpected guests show up to drop off a gift and there is nothing more awkward than realizing you didn’t get them anything.  So, pop into your pantry and grab a already wrapped gift.  Keep some tags on the gift with a pen in reach and quickly jot their name.
Don’t forget the toilet paper.  Keep the guest bathroom stocked with toilet paper.  This was a vow I made once at a party.  I had to goooooo.  I went.  NO TOILET PAPER IN SIGHT.  Seriously.  Such an embarrassing night, but I will spare you the details.  Just know it traumatized me just enough that I never have less than about 30 rolls in the bathroom cabinet.  This saves from having guests yelling from the toilet to bring them something to wipe with!  Bonus:  you can get some great deals on Ibotta right now!  
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    1. I feel like I am always the one who has to change the roll no matter where I go!! So as the roll changer, thank you for being stocked up!

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