Anastasia State Park & St. Augustine With Kids! [2020 Edition]

December 23, 2019

We love to sneak over to St. Augustine for the day with our kids. From Jacksonville, its only about a hour away but provides a change of scenery! I told you guys before we were gifted a Florida State Park pass last year, and it has been so wonderful. It allows us to come and go as we can at the parks, it has been wonderful in allowing us to visit new state parks. We are so excited to try our hard at camping at the state parks in 2020!

St. Augustine has a lot for families to do, so I thought it would be nice to put some travel inspiration for the area here in one spot!

Visit Anastasia State Park (and consider camping there!)— This is such a great state park in the area! The beaches are beautiful there, loads of nature to explore, and my boys loved participating in their Jr. Ranger program (offered at all the Florida State Parks!) The kids participate in fun/educational activities, get sworn in as “jr.rangers” and earn stamps as they explore more parks!

Explore the stunning downtown area with the littles!

There’s a ton of wonderful restaurants in the area, and even a gourmet popsicle stand! We really liked eating at the St. Augustine Seafood Company and Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille. We love to eat seafood when we are in St. Augustine!

Castillo de San Marcos— I spent three hours here with my younger son, he loved this place. There’s REAL cannons, and its beautiful! Kids can also participate in the Jr. Ranger program here!

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The Colonial Experience at the Colonial Quarter– Okay, I admit I was worried we wouldn’t have a ton of fun here with a 7&5 year old, but I’m pleased to report the boys were so impressed with this place. In fact, I loved it so much! We learned a ton, and our instructor was so funny and informative.

The Pirate & Treasure Museum — This was a cute little way to spend a couple hours, it isn’t huge inside but absolutely packed with interactive activities for the whole family. I found it very interesting to learn about the pirates that were in the St. Augustine. The boys were interested in all the pirate pretending.

I absolutely feel like you could do a budget friendly trip to St. Augustine for a whole family. Camping at the State Park, which is conveniently located to everything would be a great way to go. If you’re not into camping, there are so many dreamy bed and breakfasts in the area.

The beach is free, and there is a really cool pirate themed park in the area. We have spent a couple mornings drinking coffee and letting the kids play there while we waited for it to warm enough for beach time.

I’ve also attended two free fishing events in the area for kids that were incredible. Keep an eye out for those!

Overall, St. Augustine is a place that can accommodate a family easily and affordably with a HUGE range of interests in mind.

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