The Strategy I’m Putting In Place To Cancel Witching Hour!

August 21, 2019

I talked on this in stories, but since those expire after 24 hours I wanted to dive into this on the blog. BECAUSE YA’LL WERE HERE FOR IT. I was so relieved it wasn’t just me.

Last year, I had one son in kindergarten and one son in afternoon preschool. I’d be so excited to grab them from school, only to find them tired and emotional and hungry and all the emotions. It’s HARD at that age, they have to be ON all day long. They have lunch at 10:45 am, so they are ravenous. It’s just a lot, you’re the safe space, so mama gets the worst of it. I get it. Honestly, it felt defeating and exhausting. I couldn’t wait for bedtime some days.

This year is different, because both kids are gone from 7:45-3ish, and I refuse to spend the hours between getting home and getting to bed in foul spirits. I know not every single day will be perfect, but I want to be very intentional in this way.

My bestie, Stephanie shared on Instagram that she was going to start doing a daily tea time in her home school and I loved that. I love the idea of a relaxing, regroup period. Could I bring that into our traditional school? I asked my kids if they’d want to do a tea time, and they both looked at me like I had four heads. So, I decided to call it “happy hour.” instead of tea, I grabbed some glass bottles of root beer from World Market and some flavored sparkling water from Trader Joe’s. I got some champagne flutes for a quarter at a thrift store to add a glamorous touch.

I prep the food in advance, so we’ve done meat and cheese tray, fruit, brownies, popcorn, so far. The key is not the level of fancy, but instead the time put into it.

Put the phone away. I know how hard this is, I work full time in front of a screen. BUT.. I don’t want my kids to remember our four or five hours together every evening with me in front of a screen. So, I’ve been making a huge showing of putting my phone away every day into a little plastic box I found at Ikea. It’s been humbling to see my oldest son mention how proud it is, or how good he’s felt that I put my phone away. VERY. HUMBLING.

Keep a basket of books on hand. So, I just keep some picture books to launch into reading while they get food in them. No conversation before snack. We’re loving Pig the Pug, Curious George, Pete the Cat, and Matilda!

Do homework right after snack. My kids are only in K & 1st, so they don’t really have a ton of homework. I have found it easier to check that off right then as opposed to trying to refocus them after some play time.

Most importantly, make sure they feel special. I’ve been making a huge spectacle of letting them know how much I missed them. It feels cheesy, but I don’t care. I’ve noticed the more I focus on filling their love tank the happier and less cranky they are.

Cheers to happy hour and making the witching hour a lot more tolerable this year.

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