Acne, Writer’s Block, and twice as many kids.

June 16, 2020

I haven’t sat down just to write in…. well, I couldn’t tell you how long. I have wrestled with how to even get on here and talk normally during this very abnormal time. It just hasn’t felt right to hop on stories to share my latest Aldi finds or Amazon purchases when so many have lost their jobs. Clearly, I haven’t traveled in recent months. And homemaking? Even that looks completely different when you’re at home as a family 24/7.

The truth is though, I miss this community. For over four years, I’ve had the joy of writing content for you guys and I don’t take that for granted. So, I wanted to get on here and do a little catching up.

My anxiety really flared up at the beginning of the pandemic. I wasn’t getting a lot of rest, the unknowns were just wearing me out. At some point, things started to settle down a bit. However, I ended up being some major acne. My face was so painfully, itchy broken out. I finally took to social media to share about it and was so touched by the response. It was a really important reminder to me to share the messy parts of life too, because there’s always someone who needs that as well.

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A friend asked if everything was okay, because I hadn’t been on the gram in a little while. Things are fine, things are good. Things are busy, yet fulfilling. But something has had me off this app. My acne. Stress is a major trigger for my skin, so it’s been REALLY broken out lately. This is actually pretty cleared up compared to the last couple of weeks. Sometimes, it just gets the better of me. It physically hurts and my confidence is basically non existent. I’ll find something that seems to work for a little while and then feel defeated when it doesn’t seem to anymore. I’ve had several fun things I wanted to share the last few days in stories, but I’d turn the camera on and then suddenly feel self conscience. Every now and then I have to remind myself, I’m so much more than my complexion. I’m funny, I’m thoughtful, I’m a good cook, I have a book recommendation for any situation, I’m a fun mom, always up to try something new, I love budgets and helping people save their families’ money. If I need to be all those great things with acne, then so be it! So here I am, make up free and without a filter reminding you tonight how wonderful you are.

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Another thing of note in our lives, we recently became foster parents! I have felt pulled towards foster care for years, but the “timing” never quite felt right. I’d read a lot about how there’s an expected uptick in children entering care as the world starts to reopen, so I felt called that it might be now was our time to act. Since getting certified, we’ve doubled the number of kids in our home. It has been hectic, comical at times, transitioning and learning each other, and finding our “new normal.” There have been so many sweet moments though, we have felt so blessed by our community. Helping us get our room ready, delivering meals, sending encouraging texts. I know it won’t be easy, but it does feel easier as we share the load with loved ones.

Currently we are looking forward to devouring 25 lbs of peaches we got from The Peach Truck. For now, we are settling into a groove as a family of six for however long that might be and enjoying socially distant beach days and back porch board game mornings. I hope you’re staying healthy, safe, and well. Thinking of you all! Come catch up with me in DMs on social media.

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