A Mom Of A Kindergartner Shares What Baby Stuff You Really Need/ Want. (and score them cheap!)

January 16, 2019

It is hard for me to wrap my mind around having a six and four year old. It seems like in MANY ways, they are still so young but in many other ways, I feel really retrospective and knowledgeable. This post came to be, because a few weeks ago when we were visiting Waco we ran into some of my husband’s friend from college. We hadn’t seen them since Liam was ten months old, but she goes “I’ve been meaning to tell you, I bought that amazing high chair thing you had! I’ve used it with all four kids!”

So, it prompted me to write up a post of all the things I loved when my boys were younger, what made our lives easier, or what we could have done without. Let’s be real here, when you’re pregnant or preparing to adopt your first baby, realizing how much baby stuff is out there is mind boggling! I will never forget my first time seeing baby wipes warmers, I get the purpose but it caught me off guard!

So, for this post– keep in mind I’m not accounting for necessity items. I’m just sharing a few things I think are totally worth spending on and I’ll be sharing a few tips here for saving money on baby things.

Saving on baby stuff:
Nearly everything my boys had, we got from Craigslist or they were hand me downs. We had a shower, and got some cute items, but most of our big items we were able to save by not turning down hand me downs and checking out Craigslist. It’s even easier now-a-days with Facebook marketplace! Look for: safe cribs, strollers (I scored a 1500.00 double stroller with every accessory known to man for 200 bucks, used it for 2 years and sold it for 200.00, because it held it’s value soo well!)

Yard sales- I love me some yard sales. I know they aren’t for everyone, but I’ve always loved going to them. They are the absolute best for grabbing baby items! Some of my favorite baby products came from yard sales! I also used to buy things and sell them for just slightly more. I found this helpful for myself (I’d cover what I’d spent on other things, but helped someone else score a really good deal.)

These days, there are buy nothing groups- Check your community and see if you have this, but some cities had “buy nothing groups” so people offer things and you just swing by to grab them. No money required!

Second hand shops- these are my least favorite, but definitely worth perusing periodically. I like to go before the holidays when people are clearing out to make room for new toys.

Thrift stores- great for buying books and home decor.

Okay, so what products do I love? I’m going to link some items below. These links are not affiliate links, this is not a sponsored post.

This high chair for travel— it folds down very small, I could fit into my diaper bag. We took it everywhere: restaurants, vacation, friend’s homes.

BABYBJORN Eat & Play Smock– We did baby led weaning, before it had a name other than “eating what everyone else is eating.” It could be really messy, so when I saw my friend putting her kids in something similar, I took to the internet. What I love about this one is that we used it for about 5 years, because it works perfectly as a craft smock too.

Grab a few touch & feel books- Now, board books are one I don’t recommend getting from the library. So. Many. Mouths. So.Many.Germs.

The Original Ergobaby– Now, I recommend the original, only because I have no experience with the others. I am not like a heavy baby-wearing researcher, I borrowed a few from friends and really loved this one. So, I watched for deals and bought my own. Best money I’ve ever spent. My boys are pretty close in age, so I spent about three years with a baby in an Ergo. People would give me such a hard time, because I wore Sawyer for so long.. but it was the only way I could keep up with Liam. When Liam was a baby, I’d cook with him in there or we’d do house chores. We’d travel, it makes the airport so much smoother. The Ergo is what I get just about everyone as a baby gift, because it gave me my hands back while still allowing me to snuggle and love on my baby. ERGO FOR LIFE.

A cool ass backpack diaper bag– I always wanted a Fawn bag, but I already had a diaper bag and couldn’t convince myself to get one, but I love the Fawn bag! I highly recommend a backpack style though, because you can wear that on your back, wear a baby in the front. #handsfreeisforme

Okay, one thing I never got to use but think is SO COOL, and after years of not using a shopping cart functionally, I find this so useful. — This baby cart hammock thingy from Binxy baby.

Labels from Mabel’s Labels- I’m sure any brand of a durable, water proof label will work. I just really like the ones we got from Mabel’s Labels. We have been using the same pack for maybe 5 years?

An awesome teether- Liam was very attached to “Sophie” the giraffe. Purchasing this twenty dollar, squeaky toy was a real milestone marker for me. I’m pretty sure I only bought it, because we appeared to be the ONLY family in Indiana without one. As a new mom, I wondered like.. “Did the Academy of Pediatrics say every baby in the world needs this toy?” No? Okay, maybe Jessica Alba? So, with a twenty dollar gift card, I bought Liam this toy, and he cherished it for years until we lost it at an outlet mall one HOT June day. Another teether I’ve heard great things about is this one!

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