A Guide To Celebrating St. Nicholas Day (and no, it’s not just for Catholic People)

December 4, 2018

December 6th is St. Nicholas day and it is one of our favorite holiday traditions.  Last year, when I shared on Instagram about our morning celebration a lot of you had questions about this quaint celebration.

St. Nicholas was essentially the first Santa.  He provided refuge and opportunities to many, but he was especially eager to serve little kids.He preferred to give out his gifts at nighttime so that his charity went unnoticed.

He was well known for throwing gold coins down chimneys to poverty stricken families in need of dowries to escape slavery.  This also have us another fun tradition, stockings, because the coins would land in the socks as they dried at the bottom of the chimney by the fireplace.

So, how can your family celebrate this little holiday and play homage to St.Nicholas and all the incredible joy he spread?

Before your kids go to bed at night, have them set out their shoes by the fireplace. (or wherever)

Fill the shoes by oranges, candy canes, gold coins, or whatever.  

There’s a great VeggieTales episode and some wonderful Youtube videos

I think it offers some great discussions about gratitude and preparing our hearts for the holiday season.  While also spreading out the celebrations and helping the season to last longer.

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