My Year In Review

January 1, 2018

I know most people are feeling that 2017 went by quickly, but I’m in opposition.  This has been such a tremendous year,  so full.  We started the year hidden underneath boxes in Indiana.  We were busy looking for a place to live in Oregon, because we knew we would be leaving in May.  My husband was finishing his MBA and his Spring schedule was pretty hectic.  I kept myself busy spending time with the friends I knew I would miss so dearly.  The first five months of this year felt like such a blur.  We visited Chicago for a long weekend in January, knowing it would be a while before we’d be making our way back to the Midwest.

Sometime in February, I got hit with a nearly three week illness.  I was so down for the count:  I had the flu, a bronchitis, and a sinus infection I couldn’t seem to shake.  By March, my days were consumed in purging and donating.   We were cleaning out every single item in our home and committed to only bringing the things we really loved and needed in our new Portland home.  April was filled with going away parties, and many tearful goodbyes.  We started May with my husband’s graduate school graduation, we left for Oregon three days later, and traveled across the country for the next seven days.

June was the official start of our most recent chapter in our life’s story.  We spent the summer relishing in the perfect Oregon weather and our fabulous new neighborhood. The pinnacle of childhood, shirtless children running around with Popsicle stained mouths.  We spent many days out by the pool, and while the transition was brutal and occasionally lonely, we slowly began to transition to our new life.   My husband settled into his new role here, and the boys started school in September.

I was able to go on a very affordable trip to Seattle to see some of my best friends from across the country.  Portland has proven to be an amazing place to live and raise kids.  I have also enjoyed connecting with other Portland bloggers.  I have felt so inspired and encouraged by the wonderful blogging community here.

I also read over 100 books this year, which I’m incredibly proud of.  That was a big goal of mine for the year, to spend more time immersed in reading quality books.  I also wanted to branch out and explore new genres.  I struck a good balance between inspirational parenting books, self help, fiction, non fiction, etc.

I also went on a ton of dates with my husband this year.  That was something that was very important to us.  We spent the two years he was getting his MBA like ships passing in the night.  I wanted him at school killing it for our family, but I definitely missed him.  This year we sat the intention to make us the highest priority again.

Overall, 2017 has taught me a lot about quality over quantity.  I’ve been more selective in every part of my life, and I continue to push to be as intentional as possible.  I have learned to give myself more grace.  I allow my space to make errors and be imperfect.  I give myself marginal time.  I am going to be sharing my 2018 goals on the blog tomorrow.  Come back, because I’d love to hear yours too!

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    1. Kudos to you for reading 100 books in a year. I don’t think I’ve read 100 in the past 20 years. 😳😳 I need to step up my game!

    1. Wow, 100 books is great! So glad you and your husband also made time in the midst of all the changes. I love your positivity. Happy New Year!

    1. Just keep doing what you’re doing! I love reading all of your posts!

    1. Happy New Year! Love you guys made more time for one another. My husband and I definitely need to start having our date nights, again. It is so hard to keep up with.

    1. I think your blog is spot on and love the positivity of the posts.

    1. I want to do more indulgent, but healthy things for myself- like take long walks, naps, diy facials etc.

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