20 Things Worth Sharing!

February 24, 2021

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I started blogging when my boys were babies. I made myself a little work space in our chilly Indiana basement. I’d drink my cup of coffee and write. It was back in the newer days of blogging, and I don’t know if the term “influencer” even existed at that point. Nowadays influencers are everywhere, and they reach out to people through various means of communication, including using websites like EarthWeb to help with their following and extend their social media reach. I feel like the word influencer gets a bad rep, but the truth is this: I hope I influence you. I hope I influence you to care for yourself, your families, I hope I make it easier for you to have fun as a family, save your money, give more, open your homes to kids in foster care. I hope people continue to influence me too. I just finished reading a bible study suggested by an influencer, I make recipes I’ve collected from other influencers, and all of my cute ass outfits were inspired by influencers who understand fashion better than I. I believe we were all created with unique gifts and interests. When we share them with each other, the world is sweeter and more fulfilling. In that vain, here are twenty things I want to share with you today. I also wanted to make you guys aware that daily, I will be writing on my blog. As social media has gained popular and new features have been introduced, I’ve slipped away from writing. I want to bring myself back into writing, so I’m starting this new habit.

1) Are you following me on Pinterest? I’m sharing this, because this is where I share my best stuff I found from around the web.

2) If you’re looking to elevate your mom wardrobe, this t-shirt in every available color is a must.

3) I can’t stop watching All American on Netflix. You know I loved Friday Night Lights and just can’t turn down a football based drama.

4) Currently working my way through “No Unlikely Saints” A Lenten Pilgrimage with Sacred Company. WOW. It is so beautiful. It is supposed to be a daily thing, but I’ve been reading ahead.

5) Carter’s Easter pajamas are currently 10.00! I grabbed some for the boys. We got this at Christmas time and they are incredibly comfortable.

6) Speaking of Easter, this is a good time to place Easter books on hold at the library!

7) I scheduled our first family photo shoot in almost two years. That will be in March, and I’m so excited! Consider this your reminder to schedule your family photos!

8) If you’ve been waiting on a sign to get involved with foster care– this is your sign, go ahead find a way to get involved!

9) Don’t forget about your local beauty school when its time for a freshening up. I paid 50.00 for a hair transformation back in September, and haven’t needed my hair done since. I could cry when I think about how much I’ve spent on my hair in the past.

10) Spend some time today making a list of dinners you like so we can work on March’s meal plan next month!

11) I recently found a bike at the thrift store after looking for one for nearly a year. I’ve been riding in circles while my kids play and I’ve been amazed how quickly I can accumulate miles. I’ve been trying to get more active throughout the day. I am realizing how much easier this was when the boys were little and the demands of motherhood were more physical. These days, I have to get more creative.

12) I’m so looking forward to watching “Yes Day” on Netflix in March, mark it on your calendar for a movie night!

13) Rockne is scheduled for dog camp and a fancy doggie bath today. Consider this your reminder to make your dog’s vet appointment and grooming!

14) I have been loving the Target app. It makes shopping, and not losing track of deals so simple. We also got a Shipt membership during Thanksgiving shopping deals, so it as 50% off. What a blessing it has been to us between foster care and then during Covid.

15) You may have seen me talking about this on social media, but I’m giving it a permanent spot here on the blog. WALMART HAS THE CUTEST SHOES! FOR. REAL. I seriously bought three pairs, all under 15 bucks.

16) I have been completely neglecting my reading goals, and I just wanted to make you all a solemn vow to step it up with my books.

17) I also wanted to share how much I’m enjoying Amazon brand of items. If you have been on the fence about trying their generic items, go for it. We’ve been highly pleased.

18) I’m continuing to love my Peloton. I’m so glad I gave into this craze, because it has been so fun for me.

19) We’ve been exploring a new state or national park every weekend since football season ended. I can’t encourage you to get a pass enough, we’ve been so thrilled with ours!

20) If you’re looking to get more organized, can I suggest Evernote? I’d heard many people suggested but I also finally tried it out and I’m loving it!

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