What to do to Prep For Your Best Holiday Season EVER! Holiday Hacks Edition!

October 12, 2020

We are almost to Halloween, but my crusade for a more peaceful holiday season knows no boundaries. Honestly, I’m thinking of the Christmas season all year long. It isn’t uncommon to see me at yard sales in the summer months thinking of stocking stuffers, outfits for family photos, cute decor. This means that normally during the holidays, you’ll see me present with my family. You’ll not find me stressed (too often) you’ll hear me say yes to entirely too many cookie exchanges. Today, I’m sharing some things you can today to simplify your holiday season.

  1. Collect addresses now. If you are any a season of life similar to ours, your friends are moving everywhere. We use Postable to collect addresses throughout the year. I love that it also reminds me when people have birthdays. So, I can get a card out in the mail.
  2. Schedule family photos– whether that’s with a photographer or a friend with the newest Iphone.
  3. Download the Shutterfly App- I know I say this in every single blog post, but I just can’t speak highly enough of the incredible deals on the Shutterfly app. I’ve saved up magnets, puzzles, notepads, memory books, and mugs to give as gifts. As we get closer to the holidays you will find that they are posting more and more deals and freebies. The app just makes it easier than ever to stay on the deals.
  4. Start cashing in your Swagbucks and/or Credit Card Rewards. We collect Swagbucks all year and always use our credit card like a debit card, but cash in those rewards each December as we holiday shop. This also isn’t a bad time to start thinking about other ways to generate income. Can you babysit for friends? Wrap gifts? Get a job at a toy store for hefty discounts?
  5. Sift through your Christmas decor– Now, don’t go putting it up right now. BUT. I strongly encourage you to take some time this weekend to look through your Christmas decor. See if anything has gotten broken, doesn’t fit your still, boring, whatever. If you know now that you are going to want or need specific decor you can start rounding up the best prices on those things.
  6. Check out the family closet– I know it can be hard to resist the urge to buy coordinating everything for the holidays. So, I’m not going to say that. Plus, it would only make me a hypocrite because I’m all about that matching life. Don’t wait until last minute for things, take advantage of the great deals for the holidays! Hello, cute Christmas morning photos and Christmas Eve photos. Put together outfits if you can with clothes you already own or make an inventory of what you need for holiday events.
  7. Start wrapping gifts now, because I know you all took my advice last year and grabbed your wrapping paper when it was 90% after the holidays. If you can start wrapping now, you can avoid the scurry to wrap in a couple of weeks! I wrap each kids’ gifts in the different color paper as I collect them throughout the year!! Or better still, if you are still lazy to get physical gifts, you might as well want to gift some gaming iso files to your kids. Games like Pokemon Black Version 2, Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild, Resident Evil, Spiderman (the list might as well go on..) are available online for download. With a simple iso file download and an emulator installed on your system, your kids are sure to love these gifts if they are into gaming. If you are on the lookout for Pokemon black and white rom – you can take a peek at websites like Gamulator and other similar websites!
  8. Book as many travel plans as you can right now. Prices will raise steadily on holiday travel after Halloween, so save yourself some money by booking in advance when possible. If you’re traveling, if not make a list of events you want to attend and/host.
  9. Plan your advent – scour Pinterest now whatever Advent plan you’d like to do. If you need to wrap books, knock that out, etc!
  10. Make a list of people you need gifts for.
  11. Think on how you’ll volunteer as a family— your time, your resources, etc.
  12. Begin having your kids sort through their toys, books, and outgrown clothing to make room for anything new they might be getting this holiday season.
  13. Make cookie dough to put in the freezer (or grab a tub of cookie dough from the fridge section of the store. This is perfect for cookie exchanges or impromptu visitors.
  14. Get your guest room in order. Do that now so you don’t have to scramble later.
  15. Place your holiday books on holiday at the library.
  16. Grab extra turkey after Thanksgiving when they go on clearance! Throw it in the freezer to serve at Christmas.
  17. Add any family events into the Cozi app.
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    1. Such good ideas! I’m going to try to get my cards out before December 20th, haha. I’ve been slowly buying little things for the kids

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