Yay! PBS Kids 24/7 channel is coming on Monday!!

January 13, 2017

Y’all!  I’m freaking out. The new PBS KIDS channel that will be live broadcasting PBS kids shows 24/7 is coming on Monday!  You know what that means at my house: more Wild Kratts. I’m so excited about this, I grew up watching PBS shows. I know I watched a lot of television when my dad was in the hospital, and I’m so thankful that families now have an around the clock option. 

I think television for littles is great when we are talking about limited screen time and quality shows. I talk with my mama friends all the time about how much our kids have learned from watching Wild Kratts and shows like Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood. I am so thrilled to know this will be an option (as well as their streaming options – more information below) 

“PBS KIDS is launching their 24/7 channel this Monday, January 16! This new TV channel and live stream on digital platforms will be available through local stations. PBS stations across the nation will be able to broadcast favorite PBS KIDS shows such as CURIOUS GEORGE and WILD KRATTS 24 hours a day on an additional television channel and offer a live stream, making it easy for children to watch their favorite series during primetime and other after-school hours when viewing among families is high.

Families will be able to access the new channel on-the-go with the digital live stream which complements on-demand clips and full episodes (these continue to be available for free on the PBS KIDS Video App and streaming via pbskids.org). Viewers will be able to watch the station-branded live stream through pbskids.org and on the PBS KIDS Video App, which is available on a variety of mobile devices, tablets and over-the-top platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Xbox One and Chromecast.”

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