Use the good dishes, and put the fancy rug in your son’s dinosaur room!

January 30, 2017

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary rug in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

I struggled to write this review, because I wanted to keep this gorgeous rug wrapped up in its package.  I was waiting for a new house, a new bedroom, or when my kids would be older.  I do this with various things in my life, I was guilty of making my family eat off our plastic plates, always saving our gorgeous ceramic dishes for the next holiday.  One of my biggest goals for the 2017 year was to savor life, starting in my own home.  We have tossed out our plastic plates, we only break bread on our gorgeous new farm table, and we only eat from our white plates that went years unused.  I agonized over where I would put this beautiful rug, handmade in Nepal, rug.  When I pitched the idea, I was imagining it in my son’s bedroom, but once I saw it I was deterred by its beauty.  I struggled to justify putting it in my four year old’s son room, would he destroy it?

I realized quickly how durable this rug is, and how perfectly it accents my son’s dinosaur room.  (I couldn’t help but note how cute it would be in a mermaid theme bedroom) Sukhi  provide consumers with handmade rugs that are sturdy and gorgeous.  They can be used in a variety of rooms to coordinate with various themes.  I thought it was crucial I include a photo with LEGO Bricks surrounding the rug, Liam loves to lay on his tummy building and creating.  These rugs are thick, and they are made to last.  You can enjoy these rugs through many seasons in life!  I can’t recommend these beautiful, high quality rugs enough.  I love that you can choose the colors you need to add a personal element.


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