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January 11, 2016

goalsMy friends.

My husband has been on break from, and our three year old too.  Our schedule and goals have been .. nothing?  For long time friends and readers, you know I am pretty useless without a checklist, a schedule, basic goals to get me moving in the right direction.  So, while I loved these leisurely weeks I’m ready to be back to a schedule of some sort.

Attend 2 personal training sessions for week per the next 4 weeks

Attend a fitness class every other day.  Except Sunday.

Eat whole foods

Drink more water

Listen to the book, ” Year of Yes.” by Shonda Rhimes.

Read a self help book (my favorite.)

Plan an amazing party as the president of the Kids Club for my husband’s school.  This is extremely exciting to me.

Purge my closet and give the clothes to a friend.  Post accountability photos on my blog

Make the best financial decisions possible!

Share a weekly couponing deals post.

Throw one of my best friends a wonderful baby shower.

Clean out and update my recipe/home management binder and share photos and links to my favorite printables!

Have Dinosaur week!  This was so fun last month, I’m bringing it back and doing 2.0 version this year.

Take the boys to do one fun thing per week.

Coach cheer


Make soup at some point!





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