The little moments

January 15, 2016

it isn’t always easy to value the small moments. The moment your one year old tastes hot cocoa for the first time, the moment your three year old offers to kiss your boo boos, or even the moment when instead of punching his friend in anger, he says “I don’t like that!!”

Those moments when your hardwork is recognized or someone compliments you on a vulnerable area. 

Life is made of so many small moments, though. Each one to be savored for exactly what it is. Heartbreaking, beautiful, uplifting, or earth shattering.   Each one of us has a unique story, built from these moments we don’t always appreciate right away. 

I’ve been intentionally working on savoring these moments that might get skipped over in the hustle and bustle of life. I find myself experiencing more gratitude and happiness. I’m slowing down, I’m smelling more roses. Even better, I’m working to create these moments for people in my life.  Today, I want you to comment and tell me what little moment meant something to you this week! 


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