Some fun things to do with your preschooler this winter.

January 14, 2016

winterIt is snowy here in the Midwest, which has me getting extra creative (okay, spending extra time on Pinterest) to look for ways to keep my kiddos occupied inside.  The winter is so hard.  You can play outside, but just not as long as you might like.  Everyone gets restless, and maybe grouchy too!  So, I’ve scoped out on the internet and from my own experiences to give you some fun things to with your kidlets this winter!

  1. Play dough.  Create!
  2. Paint something.  A cardboard box, craft paper, the bathtub. Just paint.  As always, the messier.. the better!
  3. Built a fort!  My friend Kasey is the best fort builder.  I wish I had half her talent, but I’m getting there.  My kids are really loving this dishwasher box we got right now.
  4. Read books.  ALWAYS READ BOOKS.  EVERY.DAY.
  5. Play with shaving cream.  Rub it all over the bathtub wall, or get out your water table from this summer and fill it with fun sensory activities!
  6. Color!  I color in my adult coloring book a lot while the books color alongside me, it is so nice.
  7. Clean something together.  Give them a sponge, or a child size sponge and put them to work.  Kids are amazing dusters.
  8. Make a fruit loop rainbow!
  9. Get out the blocks, and build something awesome!
  10. Have a movie afternoon.  Grab some popcorn and hot cocoa.  Don’t let the TV be your babysitter, though.  Enjoy it cuddled up next to your kiddos!
  11. Paint a tree branch together!  We are doing this next week.   I think my three year old is going to love this.
  12. Dance! Turn on some music, and shake your buns!
  13. Play this fun, goldfish counting game!
  14. Try these “quiet games.”
  15. Do a puzzle!  We’ve been getting 24 puzzles from the Dollar Tree lately, and my three old thinks this is amazing.
  16. Bake some cookies.. or something healthy.
  17. Colorful Milk Explosions
  18. Watch animal videos on youtube!
  19. Listen to audiobooks
  20. Play alphabet bingo!
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