Preschool fun with Tigglywords!

August 26, 2016

Timberdoodle is my homeschool crush.  They sell homeschool products at discounted prices, so I was thrilled when they offered to let us try out a piece of their preschool curriculum, Tigglywords. 

Tigglywords is physical manipulatives to be used in conjunction with apps. The goal is to make things the process of learning to read more fun! The colorful letters are vowels.  My boys thought it was really fun, and they worked together to go through the apps. 

The game comes with four free apps to download on your tablet.  They are very bright and fun!  We will definitely be making these apps a part of our regular play schedule.  Both boys now know that A, E, I, O, and U are vowels.  They really enjoyed seeing how vowels could change a word.  Their favorite app is the submarine game.  As a whole, I was originally disappointed that only five letters come in the package.  After playing with, I realize it is really helpful for retention!  We love Timberdoodle and everything it represents.  Affordability, active learning, and promoting Stem products.  Definitely check them out!


DSC_1656 DSC_1669

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