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January 11, 2017

Most of you know by now I’ve been on a mission to make some serious lifestyle changes.  I’m by now means unhealthy or fat, but I’m not MY best self. When my husband began graduate school, I was eating a really unhealthy diet.  I was loading up on fast food during his late nights, and my away games while I was a cheerleading coach.  I was so tired and sluggish.  The weight of my actions, pun intended, didn’t hit me until we returned from our amazing summer trip in Oregon.  I came home and I realized I couldn’t fit into a single outfit I owned.  How much weight had I really gained?  I was horrified and shocked to learn I had packed on forty pounds in less than a year.  I should haven’t been surprised, considering how fitness enthusiast and diet supplement coaches would message me anytime I’d post a photo of myself on Instagram.  The tightness of my pants and shirts should have been another indication, but I was living in denial of my unhealthy choices.  Standing there trying to squeeze into my favorite fall jeans and looking like sausage coming out of its casing.  I was very disappointed in myself. I was disappointed in the example I was setting for my children, it was only added motivation to me that I would need to purchase an entirely new wardrobe plus future medical expenses that might come from filling up on greasy nuggets and too much ice cream.

When I recommitted myself to being my best self in every area of my life, living with intention and focus.  I knew one area I had to focus on was wellness.  I’m an emotional eater, so long days single parenting while my husband had long school days had me in the bag of chocolate.  I immediately switched my diet and began working out again. I thought you might enjoy seeing my tips and tricks for making fitness realistic in this season of life.

  1. Keep meals easy and simple.  I eat oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, or a fried egg for breakfast every morning.  My favorite is oatmeal with organic peanut butter.
  2.  I maintain a fitness schedule.  I have to adjust it occasionally, I’m a mother and wife first.  So, if I am needed to hold someone at 6 am, I adjust things.  BUT.. it is easier for me to hold myself accountable if I make some type of schedule and attempt to stick it.  I call it making a date with myself.
  3.  I pack simple snacks.  Apples, Lara Bars, Raisins, or even those applesauce packets in my diaper bag purse.
  4.  I drink a lot of tea.  I drink a lot of water.  I love Honey Vanilla Chamomile with a little bit extra honey every night before bed.  I also love to drink Ginger Root tea seeped in cranberry juice.
  5. I keep a workout DVD or channel available at home for home workouts.   I have two young children and a husband working his buns off in a pretty hardcore graduate program.  Sometimes, I just cannot get to the gym. Keeping a DVD of an exercise I like or finding a work out on Pinterest makes it simple and easy for me to burn some calories each day.
  6.  Do work outs you enjoy.  I used to think I enjoyed running, but I don’t.  I enjoy things that truly challenge me, things I didn’t know I was capable of.  With weights that move and change frequently, like HIIT classes.
  7.  Plan ahead.  I am going on a trip this weekend and I have already mapped out what I’ll eat at each restaurant, what snacks I’ll bring (more in another post.) to maximize my savings and my health goals.

These are all tips from someone whose improving daily.  From someone who is new to the idea that in order to care for my family, I must care for myself.  I’m improving daily, I occasionally fall into old habits, and when I’m tired I have to battle the urge to eat a spoon full of Nutella.

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    1. Enjoying my workouts makes such a big difference and I feel so good after too!

    1. You have to enjoy it and make it feasible into your lifestyle in order for it to be long term. You got this mama!

    1. You go girl! Getting fit is never easy! I too love workout videos at home! No excuses!

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