Office Max Deals starting 7/31

July 31, 2016

School supplies don’t have to break the bank!  Shop Office Max and Office Depot stores for wonderful prices on supplies.  During July & August, they offer .25 deals and .01 deals.  There is a 5.00 minimum purchase and generally of three items.

This week Crayola Markers are .25 limit 3

4 oz Elmer’s Glue is .01 Limit 3

Office Depot Composition Notebooks are .01 Limit 3

12 pack of BIC Round grip pens .25 each Limit 3

Office Depot Heavy Duty Binder 1.00 each Limit 3.

Not sure what the brand is, but I saw some hand sanitizer 1.00

12 pk Papermate flair pens (my favorite!!) 10.00

24 ct. Sharpie package 10.00

There’s so many more!  These were just my favorite!  Please pay attention to the limits and don’t forget the 5.00 minimum purchase.


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