My hump day recap. 

April 21, 2016

Today was a fun day. One of those busier than you expect days, but it’s all fun and good stuff. I was disappointed that nap time was absolutely disastrous after having a a bad night to boot. It was tricky to get moving, but I pushed through through to get caught up on laundry. After breakfast and all those morning things, we dropped Liam at preschool. Went to a psychology study, then a 3 mile walk with friends, picking Liam up on foot and he was really into that. Our completely blissful morning was sabotaged by an over tired one year old, who absolutely would not nap. I was losing it. LOSING. IT. We ended up going to the gym for a hour so I could regroup before dinner, bath, and bedtime. Once the boys were down, I snuck out for a solo target run and stopping by the book store to get this book; I’ve been wanting forever. Target is the best therapy! Here’s to a new day.

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