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August 5, 2017

Our second month in Oregon is officially under our belts, and we’ve certainly made the most of it.  I fall a little more in love with the idea of raising my children here every passing day.  It is certainly hard to imagine doing it with the loving friends I’ve known since becoming a mother.  The boys loving our boys well since they were born.  Finding your village in a new place is hard, it takes a lot of work and patience.  I am continuing to put myself out there, making friends and trying new things along the way.  I tried Top Golf last night with some sweet ladies.  Aside from missing the close knit friendships I had in Indiana, Oregon is the best.  Seriously.  We are always outside, or visiting the coast.  This city is such  an amazing centralized location.  It is filled to the brim with delicious restaurants and exciting festivals.  I am very extroverted and outgoing, so being somewhere with so many opportunities is really great for my energy level and self esteem.  I’ve also been particularly blessed by the support of bloggers in the Portland area.  They recognize blogging and influencer marketing for the profession it is here, and there is almost always a fun opportunity for bloggers to network and connect around here.

I’m trying to write this blog post like its a letter a friend back home, and be open and honest about our life out here.  The summer months here are just gorgeous and adventure filled.  I am both anxious and excited about the fall and winter months.  Cold months always really affect my mood, so I hope I can tolerate it!  I’m so excited for our church out here as well, I’ve signed up for a bible study that begins in September.  I love the idea of meeting on a biweekly basis with women who share the same priorities as me.  It is hard to say if I’m still in vacation mode out here or if I have fully accepted this place as my home yet.

I am a planner and dreamer, and I am getting so excited for some things we’ve got lined up in the coming months.  We will be visiting Seattle soon, and seeing my best friend and her family.  We are also having our annual girls reunion in October, and I can’t wait for that!  Liam’s birthday is at the end of August, and my in laws are coming to town for a week.  Some people hate seeing their in laws, but mine are too sweet.  I love having them around.  I just got a text message this morning from another friend who is hoping to visit in the fall months.

We are beginning to save and strategically plan for some overseas travel.  Ideally to see some of great friends in Italy and Amsterdam.  So, be on the look out for tons of budgeting for travel and of course, travel tips and tricks.  Lastly, I’ve been hard at work finalizing details for my new podcast adventure!  I hope you’ll follow along and share with your friends.  I’m signing off for now, because rumor has it there’s a restaurant that serves Korean burritos. I need that.

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