Let’s stop talking about our kid’s private parts on the internet.

August 11, 2016

I’m a proud supporter of natural parenting. Maybe, it is isn’t natural parenting, but instinctual parenting.   Trust your instincts!  Do what works best for you and your family, but understand that every mother doesn’t have to do what you’ve chosen for your family.  That is what makes the world fun!

Something has been bothering on the internet lately, there’s too much penis talk online about our own children.  We can have opinions about circumcision, and we can share helpful articles about the topic.  I just think we need to take it down a few notches.  The truth is, our kids would probably never otherwise know or care if their BFF is circumcised or uncircumcised, but us parents can’t seem to let it go. We are raising too much attention to our kid’s private parts.

We’re shaming each other in the process, citing that if a boy is circumcised he’s been mutilated.  Expressing concerns that he will be made fun of for years to come if he’s uncut.  So, explain to me, with options like those how are we supposed to choose what is best in our home?  These harsh phrases back us into a corner, further fueling the endless and aggressive circle of modern day motherhood.  Again, shouting out from a social media status that we are a society of unfit parents, incapable of providing our kids with the best future.

Aside from shaming one another, it should be our child’s decision to share (or not share) their penis status on social media.  I can’t see any reason to draw attention to your kid’s penis.  Let him do that someday, at his own choosing.  It’s called a private part for a reason, to be kept private! We are helping our kids develop their own set of blinders, it’s unintentional.  We are exposing them to only one side of the argument, and not allowing them to form their own opinions on the topic.

So, someday they’ll go to school and shame their classmates.  The circle of shame will just repeat itself and carry over into to the next generation.  So, let’s stop talking about kid’s privates, love one another in every situation, and encourage each other along this already challenging ride.  Let your son choose to share across social media any information regarding his private parts.  (or not share)


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    1. Same! I once lost a friend, before my son was EVEN BORN, because she was bombarding me with information on how terrible it was to circumcise and kept saying things like, “mutilation, how could you do that to your child, etc” and that was before I’d even made a decision either way.

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