Happy Easter!!

March 27, 2016

Happy Easter, friends!  I don’t remember ever getting a stuffed Easter basket as a child!  I do remember hunting eggs, and my older brother finding the “prize” (it was an egg with a 1.00 in it.) egg every year.  We typically celebrated with our extended family, eating KFC and hunting eggs after church.  Our emphasis was always on the real meaning of Easter, not the bunny and his “gifts”.  Why am I telling you this sad story, you ask?  I’m telling this story to my readers who are living below or slightly above the poverty line, my readers working their way out of debt, and choosing their purchases wisely.  My readers feeling guilty that they couldn’t afford a fancy basket, a lavish (unnecessary) meal, or matching outfits for the whole family.  Fear not; your children will be just fine.

Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus!  That is gift enough.  Look at your whining children, and tell them.. “You have the gift of eternal life, you’ll be alright without a chocolate bunny.”  Whatever you believe, wherever you’re celebrating, I hope you have a beautiful holiday full of laughter and family presence.  I hope your souls are lifted.  I used to whine and complain about a lack of chocolate in my home from Easter.  Now, I have my own family and get the opportunity to give them fun stuff each year, while educating them on the significance of this holiday.  Some day, your children will be able to do the same.  You are making decisions that will only enhance their future, and while it may be hard for them to understand now; they’ll applaud you later.  Keep your head held high.  I’m praying for you all this Easter day!

Our frugal Easter break down: I put my kids Easter baskets together this year for about 3.00 per child! Their aunt Beth sent them fun new Easter baskets that are really sand buckets!  I snagged them matching shirts at Gymboree (like brand with tags, whaaaa?! It’s a special thing, because they’ve never had new matching clothes.  It’s usually been from two brother hand me downs!) Each shirt was 11.00 after sale price and coupon.  I got them each brown shoes from the Goodwill, and their khaki shorts were hand me downs.  Most of our Easter décor was purchased last year during 90% clearance from Target.  We are eating leftovers from an Easter party yesterday tonight for dinner. 


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