Great Gifts for the Fixer Upper Lovers In Your Life!

July 3, 2017

Disclosure:  I received some of these items in exchange for a feature in this blog post.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own and I only promote items on my blog that I love!

I think we all have a Magnolia lover in our life these days, no?  I am a bona-fide Fixer Upper addict, Magnolia for life.  My love affair with Fixer Upper began by complete chance, I was not in general someone who watches shows about homes.  I always felt it bred discontentment, but also I’d never really watched that channel either.  I kept hearing everyone talking about Chip and Joanna’s book, “The Magnolia Story.”  I’m a book person, so decided I would read this story about two people I did not even recognize at the suggestion of two hundred social media friends.  I listened to the audiobook, and completely devoured it within thirty six hours.  I finished up, and knew I had to watch their show.  This couple and their darling family had won me over.  Two episodes of season one on Netflix confirmed it for me that I would be a fan.  Within two weeks, I’d finished every episode that was available to me on Netflix and on demand.  At some point, my husband started watching with me and we agreed they represented our home design style but also represent what quality relationships should be on television.  They laugh together, work together and are raising great kids.  They are changing family’s lives with their work, and their guests generally have amazing stories.  They are a source of encouragement for me as a homemaker, wife, and mom.  This summer I find myself filled with envy, because everyone I know seems to be at Magnolia farms.  So, I decided to make a list of fun things you can gift the Fixer Upper lover in your life! (or to buy for yourself!)

One:  A magazine subscription. Did you know Chip & Jo have a new magazine?  I plan to treat myself to a year subscription when I lose five more pounds!

Two:  This adorable shirt.  I am loving my “Fixer Upper Fan Girl”  I am a true Fixer Upper Fan Girl, so its appropriate.  Also, it is so comfortable! (& for ordering purposes, it is true to size)  I love the font on the shirt, and how it looks like something Jo would wear!    I love supporting Etsy shops, I love knowing when I purchase from Etsy, I’m helping an actual person.  Someone who is usually working from their home, and often with little kids underfoot. Go check out her shop, she has some seriously hilarious and fun shirts in there.  She was a delight to work with and my shirt came so quickly! This shirt got me so many compliments, and I kind of feel like it has been helping me make friends.  People are like, “oh my goodness! I’m a Fixer Upper fan too!  I just love Chip & Jo.” And I’m like ‘Oh yeah, me too.  Let’s be best friends.”

Three:  This amazing market tote, it is crazy spacious.  Plus, how fun is it that it says, “I’d rather be in Waco.”  I can’t wait to carry this darling bag to the flower bus that is coming to our area on Friday!  It is just a really fun, practical bag.  I always have a struggle finding a big tote bag that will actually hold all of our junk.  I try to fill my life with products that really reflect my favorites and my personality.  My personality loves Fixer Upper, and I like that the world can know that because of my precious new tote.

Four:  These fun Target dollar spot finds, because I wanted to add some affordable options.  They are really adorable, and they seem like Joanna handpicked them for your recipient’s homes.

Five:  Grab them a gift from the Magnolia Store, and there’s a coupon code on their website too!  Why would you NOT get your favorite Fixer Upper fan a piece directly from Chip & Jo’s curated collection.  I’m linking to a cookbook that is gorgeous and a bag that is stunning!  

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