Gettin’ intimate with Harry’s

February 16, 2017

Disclaimer: We received complimentary shaving kits to conduct this review.  All opinions are my own.

Shaving can get expensive, ya’ll.  Let’s be real!  My husband is in business school right now, so he has to do the clean shaven thing on most days. So, it is important to me he has top quality products to work with that don’t break our family’s budget.  Harry’s shaving supplies make it easier than ever, with their shaving packages that can come as frequently or infrequently as you need.

I didn’t feel comfortable reviewing something I hadn’t tried, so I also requested a Winston Set.  This set is normally 25.00, and includes a razor, razor blades, and shaving cream.  It a really incredible value, and you can pay an additional 15.00 to have your razor handle engraved.  The razors are already remarkably chic, but I like that as a gift option you can personalize them.

The razors and blades themselves, provide a superb shave.  I loved the shaving cream, and I was happy to see the travel cover for the razor.  This kit will easily last me for 6 months! I appreciate that Harry’s is so confident in their products and how wonderful they perform they offer a free trial.  For me, this is always a sign of a good product and company.  I feel comfortable recommending Harry’s, they are a terrific value at a remarkable price.  They make handsome, gift perfect razors, long lasting, and perfect for your bathroom sink or toiletry bag!

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