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July 19, 2016

Okay, time for Tip Tuesday!!  Today, I’m sharing some ideas on how to stretch your budget!  

1) Take full advantage of all your library offers. Classes, clubs, streaming services!  Get on your library’s website, and find out how you can really maximize your free membership card. I’ve taken classes about writing, listen to audiobooks on my phone, and take my kids to plays and movie nights there!  

2) Summer free lunch for kids.  In most cities, kids between 1-18 can get a free nutritious lunch for free all summer long. Where we live it’s a combination of area businesses, matching the grant from the school programs to provide kids (and parents for 3.00 a meal) a wholesome and delicious lunch!  Even if you feed your kids at the park and you eat at home. This can save money!  Plus, when you show up to these programs you’re helping keep them alive!  

3) Parks and Recreation:  be sure to follow your area parks and recreation departments. Every where we’ve lived has had amazing programs that promote physical fitness and community.  

4) make your health insurance stretch further!  I found a dentist that gives out hydro flask 21 oz. water bottles to each new patient.  Aside from toothpaste and a new toothbrush. Can you find physicians who offer new patients fun incentives?  I’ve seen Starbucks gift cards, restaurant gift cards, free whitening kits.  Also- if you really like a health care provider, find out if they have a referral program! You might be surprised what they offer you to helping them find new patients.

 5) free festivals- this one has huge for us this summer. Hitting up the free festivals around the area. If you’re willing to walk through the canopies you can snag some sweet swag. We’ve gotten a ton of shopping bags, ice packs, some Suja drinks, a bag of organic dog food, tooth brushing kits for our boys, and t shirts. There’s generally a lot of other free activities and these can be great family free days! 

6) trials- don’t forget about trials!  You have to be confident enough to say you’re not interested at the end if you’re really not. BUT.  Trying something for free for 7 or 30 days can be an awesome way to experience new things for free. Gym memberships, Netflix, Hulu, HBO now, audible are a few trial programs that come to mind!  And if you do these trials through swag bucks, you might be surprised to earn points towards gift cards while you’re at it! 

7) online giveaways. Unlike lottery tickets and casinos, online giveaways are free! And generally don’t require much of their entrant. You’d be surprised by how many things you can win online!  Check out Instagram and blogs for some good giveaways. I’m going to have my blog friends comment below with their giveaway links! I recently won a 25.00 gift card and bag of groceries from whole foods 365! 

8) go to store/ restaurant openings!!  Those parties you see advertised hyping up a new spot!  Go!  I went to one last weekend and got over 90.00 in freebies. Free organic juice boxes, free food carts, beer, ice cream.  Last year, I went to another opening and got free flowers, free gift cards, free groceries.  

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