Five Books To Read In 2015

January 13, 2016

Orphan Train:  This book was my absolute favorite read of 2015.  I can’t encourage you to read this book.  It was captivating and beautiful from start to finish.

For the Love:  Jen Hatmaker is just the best anyway, but this book is flawless.  It’s light hearted, genuine, and women in every season of life can relate to her writing.

The Nesting Place:  This book will probably be on my must read books for every year/season of life.  After reading it, the way I view home changed so much.  It became a place of art to me, and I want that for all of you.  To know that wherever you are in this journey, you can have a beautifully decorated home!

Why Not Me:  Mindy Kaling is just wonderful.  She’s smart, funny, and kind of different than the typical Hollywood super star.  She is the kind of girl women everywhere could be friends with, and while I was listening to her audiobook.. I just felt like I was out with an old friend.  She’s down to earth, honest, and downright hilarious.  Definitely read her book.  Even better, listen to it!

The Help:  Just for the fun add this oldie, but goodie into the mix!  I suggest it as a book club read and then watch the movie together!

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