My favorite deals this week!

January 3, 2017

Keep checking this post and expect it every week, I’ll be sharing my favorite deals from the week.

  1. 90% off of holiday clearance at Target.
  2. Also at Target..  Gillette foamy shave gel is on sale for 1.87.  They are also part of buy 3, and get a 5.00 gift. This works out to a little less than a quarter per bottle.  We use this for sensory stuff or shaving, but mostly sensory stuff in this house!
  3.  You can sign your kid up for a free 2 year subscription of LEGO club magazine!
  4.  You can sign yourself up for free magazines here!
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    1. Thanks for posting the hot deals! It’s always nice to have a good resource like yours to check for these kinds of things.

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