Bringing the Mess of Motherhood to the Mainstream with FX’s Better Things!

September 21, 2016

My people.  Are you ready for a show that depicts motherhood for the emotionally and physically draining (but incredibly amazing/rewarding/fun experience.) it actually is?  Well, it is finally here.  Better Things is the new show by Louis CK and Pamela Adlon about motherhood and the authentic struggles and abounding joy that comes along with it.



Sam (the main character) is honestly all of us.  She is tired, but she would do anything for three daughters.  She feels unappreciated, she wishes she could do more, and yet- she feels like she’s doing her very best.  The rawness of her character really resonates with me.  Watching her character develop and the comical frustrations as a parent. In so many ways, this story could be based on my life.  I feel like I’m always spinning my wheels and getting no where. That constant nagging of if I’m screwing up my children?!  Does anyone else experience that?

Being a mama is a hard job, I’m so refreshed to see there’s a hilarious show on television now that accurately showcases the mom life.  Sam is such an easily lovable character.  You can check out Better Things on FX Thursday evenings at 10 EST.

For me, I’ve been struggling with my two year old lately.  He’s such a cranky kid, sometimes leaves me feeling like a crappy mama.  The truth is, it is only temporary.  We will eventually find Better ThingsAs in, more peace in our households than power struggles with a toddler.


FX sent me a fun mama care package, and it couldn’t be more perfect for Motherhood survival.

Ray Ban sunglasses– I think to hide my tired eyes.

Chipolo keychain– a Bluetooth keychain that you can use to find your keys when you lose them!  (or anything else.)

Black Baggu Clutch- an amazing clutch for all of your mama necessities.

Lavender Essential Oils

Skinny Lip Balm

Credit Card Mints

Travel Emergency Pouch- sewing kit, band aids, blister pads, etc. your essentials for any of life’s tiny disasters!

Hypoallergenic travel pillow + cover- For you to scream into!


Want to know the best part of this care package?  I have one for myself and one to give to a reader!!  If you’d like to win, here’s how you enter.

Visit this link.

Comment on this post, and tell me how you can relate to Sam’s character in the show’s preview!  


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    1. I guess I can relate to being under-appreciated even though I’m giving it my all.

    1. Gosh even though my kidlets are basically adults they’re both still at home. I felt complete mom guilt because we couldn’t afford out of town college for our daughter and she reluctantly took her second choice. Two days into school she got the call she was accepted into her first choice at a satalite campus. She is my grumpy non- morning person. The terrible twos prepare you for the tumoulous teens!

    1. I can relate to being tired, very tired. I could use those sunglasses lol.

    1. OMG. I can totally relate to coming home from a work trip, absolutely exhausted, to a trashed house. So, it wasn’t because my kids threw a party, it was because my husband was trying to survive with two little girls, but it pretty much looked the same last week, and last month, and I am sure will look the same next month. Oh, the exhaustion and the inability of the people you leave behind to maintain their chill…

    1. Don’t we all want things to be better? For me right now, better would be kids who are dry through the night, a fourth grader who remembers to bring home his homework, a hubs who hears more than 25% of what I say. But there could be worse things, right? Right now a trashed house, like in the promo, consists of dumped Legos, dried up play doh and goldfish cracker dust everywhere. I’ll take me good things, hoe for better things and brace for worse things.

    1. You love them. Yet at times…you hide under your covers in hopes that they all go away. Been there. Done that. Just last weekend in fact.

    1. I can relate in that I’m so tired, yet try to give my all to give the best to my babies. I can relate to the struggles!!

    1. You did a great job with this review–can’t wait to watch! And I love the spot-on gifts from the box. My keys…where?! My life will never again be the same!

    1. I thought for sure the kids would come and stand one inch away from her face as she wakes up. Totally creeps me out! I think we can all relate to the overworked and under appreciated feeling that all moms have. I seriously wonder on a regular basis if I am totally messing my kids up!

    1. This could be a fun show. I can relate to having a lot to do, but there isn’t always enough time to do it. I guess I should say there is sometimes plenty of time, but the little ones in my life would prefer me to do other things.

    1. Yes! This looks fun. Always too much to do and always having to prioritize. Too true.

    1. I actually watched this show last night. While Seann was deployed, I often felt like a single mom. So I can relate to not having back up at times to tap in when I’m exhausted. You don’t know pure exhaustion until you’re a mom! But then again you dont know how big your heart is until you have kids.

    1. This show looks awesome and so relatable!! Our jobs as moms don’t stop and we are all so overtired!!

    1. BOY Can I EVER relate to feeling inadequate and unappreciated. Having 2 teenage boys and a 7yr old girl going on 16, I constantly find myself second guessing my ideas on how to raise kids. I appreciate how you mentioned for us mamas to find the joy in our current season! I have to remind myself that this too shall pass, then I quickly embrace each moment! (One day I will miss not being everything for everyone!)
      Can’t wait to watch the show tomorrow night and share the laughs with you mamas!

    1. Love to see a “hot mess express”! I’m right there with her on the crazy train! Can’t wait to start watching this!!👍❤️

    1. I haven’t had chance to watch. :'(
      By the time I get everyone to bed and asleep I can barely get myself to bed. I guess overworked. Twins and a toddler will do that. 😛

    1. The sheer exhaustion of being a working mom of three kids really hits home. My kids don’t get me at my best through the week and that sucks. My kids’ dad also works night and weekends so is gone in a different way, but still gone.

    1. Like most momma she out there, and like Sam, feeling tired. Physically, emotionally, spiritually tired. And feeling like all you pour out goes unnoticed! Looks like ta going to be a great show!

    1. Well I can definitely relate to being tired but pushing through for the kiddos. I loved when she tries to talk to her teenage daughter and as soon as the teen starts telling her stuff she doesn’t want to know! Lol I can get that bc I think of my daughter’s as teenagers and always want them to be able to talk to me about anything but at the same time knowing I’m not always going to hear what I want!😜

    1. 😂 the pillow scene. Its hilarious and is so me. Sometimes. You just need a min to scream. I love being a momma but like any mom I have my days when I feel overwhelmed and unappreciated.

    1. Loved the preview! I can relate to that whole theme of dividing yourself between mom-ing & working & figuring out life as an adult individual (who *am* I outside of this family?!?). Otherwise known as trying to juggle all the balls & dropping most of them…frequently, haha. 🙂

    1. Love this! I’ll add it to my list of things I’d like to do but it probably won’t happen. 😝

    1. I can totally relate to feeling under appreciated. As mothers so much of what we do is invisible to everyone else. I love that real, relatable families will be on TV.

    1. Oh man. A “me too” show yes, yes, yes. Personal space…will ever happen? Love my kiddos to death though…miss them when I’m away but want a break when I’m with them. 😜

    1. I can relate on trying to do my best but it’s never enough! I can’t give any more but yet I still feel like I’m not giving enough!! And how you can love these little creatures with everu fiber of your being but they still drive you crazy!! Looking forward to this show!!

    1. I can so relate to her! I have three boys who literally wake up at 5:45 every morning and fight to stay up til 10pm. Gone are the (ridiculously) early morning workouts I could enjoy without telling someone to get their toes away from the treadmill or stop bugging your brother. Tired is a state I have just come to accept. Repeating myself a million times is just not going away, so I’m trying to make peace with it. I gave up what I thought my life was going to look like–high powered corporate job, exotic vacations, / bangin’ wardrobe….But as exhausted and frustrated and insane as some days feel, i literally would have more kids (fortunately, my husband is practical and he has said no more!) motherhood is, as so many reading this blog know, the most insane and entertaining and heart-bursting experience there is. SO glad FX chose a show to honor that. Cheering for it to be a successful run!

    1. I can definitely relate to having too much to do and having to say, “I actually can’t do it all”! Prioritizing is difficult, especially when explaining reasons to the youngins. Looks like a great show to laugh at, and to have a mama’s viewing night!

    1. The pillow scream & personal space!!! Will it ever return! Lol!!! Wouldn’t trade it!

    1. So tired! 🙈 A toddler & being 9 months preggo are the perfect combo for exhaustion and all I can think is how much more tired I’m going to be once I’m up constantly with a newborn.

      I can’t wait to watch this show! I love that it shows the honesty of what being a mom is.

    1. Showing us that other mom’s don’t have it all figured out rather than this false front!! 😜

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