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November 9, 2016

I know many of us are feeling numb today. 

The election results have left America feeling pretty hungover.  Some are sad, because their candidate didn’t win.  Some are sad, because their votes are being judged as racist, misogynist, and horrifying.  Our kids have questions, and most of us are speechless. The answers are challenging.  In general, I’m finding that most parents are stuck choosing their words so as to not unintentionally guide their children to anarchy or bigotry.

I have no advice.  I hope you didn’t come here so I would tell you how to face this.

I’m just writing today to say, I’m confused too.  To remind you that we do have power over our lives.  Our kids learn the most from our examples.  Choose your words wisely today.  Raise your kids to be the kind of president you’d like to see. Maybe even in the image of Christ.

Teach them to be kind, loving, and courageous.  Raise influential children. Be influential adults. 

We all need to shift our focus from so much negativity, get off social media and go out and love one another well.

Mothers and fathers have an especially challenging job to do.  Setting an example to our children of compassion across all party lines.  I want to challenge each and every single one of you to do a service project in your home this month.


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