I’m so glad you’ve decided to spend a few moments of your day here.  This blog came to be when I was barely sleeping, nursing my first son all hours of the day, and feeling like I was just spinning my wheels.  Though, it’s been called another name for most of its life.  This blog, these words, represent a maternal coming to age within me.  Learning to accept that I’m not “just a mom.” I’m “someone’s mother. someone’s greatest chance for success, the love of someone’s life, someone’s friend.”

In 2015, I felt my heart being pulled to take my writing and blogging in a different direction.  A direction that doesn’t divide women by moms and childless women.  A direction that is helping us become better, more transparent, and love more.  I wanted to create a place on the world wide web for women, who are trying/average/justokay.  For women, who show up everyday in any season of life to give it their all and see what happens.  For the woman who wants to become a better homemaker, but is cool with not having perfection.  For the woman, who wants to learn to coupon, or share a life with a virtual friend, a place to sip your coffee and nod thinking, “solidarity, sister.”  I am a mom, it makes up the bulk of my identity, the happiest parts of my identity,  but before I was someone’s mom..  I was just a gal trying to navigate through life.

Ladies – this is for us.  We are going to survive this!   Embrace the messy around you, welcome it.  Everything is seasonal, so love the season you are in.  That’s what I want you to do here, find a new appreciation for the place you’re existing in right now.