Fostering Your Toddler’s Independence This Fall With Pull-Ups Plus & Costco!

October 11, 2017



My three year old started preschool this fall! He’s been going for about four weeks, and I can already see huge improvements in his independence. He has been fully potty trained for several months, but we rely on Pull-Ups Plus Training Pants for nighttime. We love Pull-Ups Plus for making potty training more fun. My boys have always loved their fun designs, and the slide up/down makes them truly feel like big kids! I was thrilled to see that they are on instant savings at COSTCO right now! With $7.00 off boxes of Pull-Ups Plus through 10/22! I believe in teaching kids life skills as much as academics, especially in the preschool years. The Fall is such a simple time to implement some more independence building strategies.

1) Let them choose their own clothes: I have my boys choose five outfits every Sunday night for the week. This speeds up our morning routine, and keeps us a little more sane.

2) Let them help in the kitchen. They can wipe up spills, stir mixtures, etc.

3) Let them wear Pull-Ups Plus from Costco. Every night, Sawyer gets to choose his favorite design for his Pull-Ups Plus. He absolutely loves it!

4) Let them pack up their backpacks. I like to have my preschooler choose his own snacks for the next day. This makes my workload easier, and helps him learn to manage tasks on his own!

Toddlers and preschoolers are truly one of the most fun age groups. They are so curious and eager to learn. They approach tasks with their whole hearts, which is why I love and adore Pull-Ups Plus from Costco. They make potty training more fun and help your babes build more independence!


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