2016 Reflections + 2017 Resolutions!

January 2, 2017

In general, I realize 2016 wasn’t a wonderful year for our world.  Historically, people will read about 2016 and be like “ouch.” but personally, I had a wonderful year.  At the start of the year, I rebranded my blog and decided to make it a part time job vice a hobby.  I’ve been astounded by the support of friends and family in this new endeavor.  I have got to work with companies like: Coca-Cola, Gerber, and Tiny Prints.  I’ve challenged myself to write more, share authentically, and push myself out of my comfort zone.  I’ve connected with other bloggers in a way I didn’t know possible, I love supporting their goals and knowing they’ve got my back.  Creatively, this has become the outlet I need to express myself and let the “me too”s roll in from readers.  There is something so freeing and humbling in hearing you’re not alone.

My family had a huge year, it was adventure filled.  We spent three marvelous months in Portland, Oregon.  We visited: Boise, Idaho, Salt Lake City, Utah, Kansas City, Missouri, Cheyenne, Wyoming on our road trip out there!  I listened to about six audiobooks during that forty hour drive, we ate food unique to each of those areas, and we played at their local attractions.  When we got to Oregon, we visited several beach towns in the area like Seaside, Astoria, and Tillamook.  We played, we laughed, and we made so many memories.  Sawyer turned two and Liam turned four this year.  They are such compelling ages right now, so curious and hilarious.  This was the first year since having both children on earth that I began to feel like I was no longer in over my head.  Don’t get me wrong, we have challenges.  For example, Sawyer hasn’t sleep a full night through since we got home from this blissful trip.  They are still young, occasionally defiant, and I still struggle with my own expectations.  BUT. For the most part, the fog has lifted and we get to enjoy each other daily.  Well, most days.  Liam had his tonsils removed a couple days before his fourth birthday, and it has been the best thing we’ve ever done for him.  He is talking better, sleeping better, and overall happier.  I can’t believe he’s old enough now that we are beginning to think about Kindergarten.  He’s had a very active year, trying out: swimming, violin, soccer, karate, and basketball.  Sawyer, who I affectionately tease for his hateful disposition, is so smart and silly.  He cracks me up, he thinks everything he says is hysterical.  *which actually makes it seem hysterical* My husband perhaps had the biggest year of all, he’s wrapping up his last year in grad school and is beginning a new career in May.  This was a very fun time in our lives, but I am so excited to see where the next chapter leads.

Then, there’s me.  How did 2016 transform me?  I’m more vulnerable than I’ve ever been before.  I’ve worked on saying no to things that aren’t my best yes-es.  I’ve stopped exhausting myself for people who don’t give a hoot about me.  I’ve found a joy in homemaking and motherhood, I hadn’t previously been able to allow myself to feel was “enough.”  This year I said to myself one day, “this is what you wanted.  You chose this, and you love it.  You don’t have to feel guilty or inadequate for not wanting more.”  and just like that in a single conversation with myself, I began to bloom where planted and it has changed everything.  I am more joyful, I am less guilty, and I am more fulfilled and patient.  I’ve stopped spinning my wheels on a hamster wheel.  I’ve transformed the tone in my home, and it has been the best feeling.  I let society scream at me to do more, be more, and the day I stopped.. I was healed.

Heading into 2017, I want to focus on releasing my eBook, starting a podcast, and possibly a YouTube channel.  (all extensions of this blog and its mission statement.) I want to get into the best shape of my life, even if that means gaining numbers on the scale.  I want to cook meals, joyously.  I want to sip wine, I want to make days special, I want them to count.  I want to honor God and the life he gave me.  I want to be “good busy.” doing things that bring me happiness.  I want to move across the country with my family, gracefully.  I want to absorb moments with the friends I’m leaving behind, without letting myself feel hurt when they aren’t available to spend time together.  I want to go away with my husband for a couple of days.  I want to read books, I want to save a bunch of money, and do nice things for people.  I don’t want to set goals that I can’t accomplish, the ones that leave you feeling useless and shitty by week two of a new year.  I want to set intentions for my life.  I want to be a better version of myself from the soul out.  I want to spread positivity and laughter, encourage aspirations, and challenge the people I love.  Here’s my formal list.

  1.  Spend more time on the floor playing or snuggling with my boys.  I’ve said it before, I’m not great at playing.. I never got to do that as a kid, but I want to be better at it for my kids.
  2.  Eat wonderful food.  Healthy, homecooked meals or fancy dinner outs.. I just want to experience food.
  3.  One monthly date night out and two intentional at home dates per month, and one weekend (minimum) away with my spouse.
  4.  Spending quality time with friends.  Time sharing and time listening.
  5.  Nurture my brand, through an eBook and Podcast released in 2017.
  6.  Make days special, make sure they count..
  7.  Conquer my anxiety as best I can.
  8.  Homeschool until August 1. LIKE A BOSS.
  9.  Be more gracious, more patient, and more positive.


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    1. I love reading about your goals for the year girl! I need to spend more time disconnected and playing with the kids as well. also, that picture of you is STUNNING!

    1. You’ve had an amazing year – for sure! So glad we connected in 2016! =)

    1. My goals are so similar to yours! Minus the homeschooling 😂 This year will be amazing for you!

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